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The Autism Puzzle: Is a Solution to Understanding Close At Hand?

Autism Puzzle

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It seems the number of children diagnosed with autism each year is on the rise. Nearly four times as many boys as girls are diagnosed with the condition and still, no one knows why. However, the solution to the question of what causes autism is growing nearer and nearer, which brings with it the implication of genetic tests and possible treatments.

Looking at Genetics to Solve the Autism Puzzle

In order to predict the onset of autism and to formulate the most effective treatment programs, geneticists have taken to locating the gene responsible for this condition. In fact, the “autism gene” may be located on chromosome 17. However, there are about 50 genes located in this area, which requires diligent searching on behalf of scientists to find precisely which one is responsible for the onset of autism.

As promising as this notion is, it will still only be able to predict a small percentage of autism cases.

Environmental Factors

Since genetics may only account for about 10% of all autism cases, the rest of the blame is likely placed on the environment. However, this is even more complicated to determine since a wide variety of factors play into the development of an individual. Preliminary studies have shown that children that were born prematurely, that were born in the breech position, or that have a family history of schizophrenia were found to have a higher incidence of autism.

It’s still unclear as to whether or not things like mercury exposure and exposure to other toxins plays a role in the development of autism. Very likely, it will be a combination of several factors that will ultimately solve the autism puzzle.

The Solution Lies at the Convergence of Nature and Nurture

While much study still must be done, preliminary results of a study conducted at the University of California, Davis, showed that children with autism have immune system, protein, and metabolite differences in the blood. It’s still not clear if both the environment and genetics cause autism, but if they do, this could lead to the development of an autism blood test, as well as the implementation of treatment before a child begins exhibiting symptoms like the avoidance of eye contact and an obsession with patterns and puzzles.

Autism is a complex disease and it will likely have an equally complex solution.

Identifying Autism – The Missing Puzzle Piece


Puzzles are among the not so many ‘toys’ which you’ll find appreciated by kids as well as by grownups, the challenge shifts as you become more mature although not the general ability as well as strategy. Puzzles are great for mental faculties enhance in kids as well as for maintaining your mind productive as you become more mature, actually for those who have kids you might observe their particular progress improvement given that they have fun with puzzles.

Enhancing brain activity in autistic kids and youngsters with some other disorders around the autistic pole, for instance Aspergers, typically is different from those of various other kids however with puzzles they frequently carry out as effectively as some other kids or perhaps in certain instances far better. Because of this regarding the diagnosis of autism puzzle pieces enables you to check if a kid seems to have general slow-moving progress or possibly could have a disorder such as autism.

Puzzle pieces certainly are a mark with regard to autism consciousness, for most people that find out they’ve got autism or some other autistic range condition, or the mother and father of an infant with one of these problems, this understanding of the symptoms will be the autism puzzle piece they are seeking out to clarify exactly why they’re quite different to many other individuals

This autism puzzle piece is usually misinterpreted by numerous just as though individuals with autism end up with a piece neglecting however this is simply not the truth and once people see these people or perhaps their kids experience Autism this accomplishes an awareness of them selves as well as who they really are these people wouldn’t have noticed in the past.

As soon as a person has got a perception of their particular problem they may be a lot more capable to control their own situation, because there are quite a few training books as well as a lot of groups to help individuals recognize the circumstances helping to make the best for themselves. Frequently individuals with autistic spectrum problems experience outstanding abilities in a very specific area, these types of savants might get good at something like music and songs or perhaps memory which abilities as soon as identified may bring these people considerably more joy and also contentedness through daily life

Kids particularly with autism which don’t understand may significantly think that there’s something lacking therefore the autism puzzle piece indicates a great deal to these individuals particularly after they came to the realization. Autistic kids are usually kept believing that they’re just dissimilar to anyone although you’ll find a huge number of Autism victims across the country. Autism patients will also be frequently addressed to generally be dumb in the schoolroom mainly because they find it difficult to study in the same manner as various other kids and also find it difficult to have their ideas ideas presented in front of the rest: this can be extremely irritating for the kids. With the help of the particular autism puzzle piece you might have a key to growing up actually being identified as having autism and this opens a good deal within their everyday life, this might imply visiting a institution for anyone using autism in which the type of showing may go well with these people and so they can seem to be an element of a lot of very much the same individuals. This may also end up being that this kid having Autism or any other Autistic spectrum disorders will continue to be in his or her schooling however will likely be educated differently, assisted to show his or her self as well as their distinct abilities could be developed which makes them really feel a lot more tolerant of daily life as well as their selves.